Developing photos off ipad

sushi2, Apr 28, 7:29pm
How do I take a photo off my hotmail site and get it developed. We don't have a home computer or a printer and I want to take the iPad to one of those photo places in Kmart.

hakatere1, Apr 28, 8:24pm
USB drive?

sushi2, Apr 28, 9:20pm
I know about the USB drive but I.m very thick when it comes to computers/iPads and don't know what to do to take it from the iPad to the photo thingy or do I just plug it in and it automatcally shows what I should do

remmers, Apr 28, 9:41pm
Not sure about Kmart but Harvey Norman use a Fuji process, they have an app that you put on iPad and then select which photos you want printed and it transfers them wirelessly to their printer.

sushi2, Apr 28, 9:46pm
Cool thanks for that

suicidemonkey, Apr 28, 10:38pm
If the photos are on your "Hotmail site" you will have to transfer them to the gallery first.

mikep, Apr 28, 10:56pm
I've found Warehouse Stationery are very helpful. Their kiosks have multiple options such as USB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth.

sushi2, Apr 29, 1:30am
Thank you so much everyone for your help

mazdasix, Jan 2, 2:23pm
+1 for Warehouse Stationery they are very helpful

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