Alternative to MyPhoneExplorer.

jaja6, Mar 11, 1:50am
What would you recommend as an alternative to MyPhoneExplorer? I have used MPE for many years and was happy with it. But it refuses to load recently even after I have re installed a few times including the Portable and older versions. Thanks.

mark119, Mar 11, 6:42pm
I used to use MPE but moved onto the android app AirDroid which connects your phone to your PC's browser. Manages the phone from the browser in much the same way as MPE.

jaja6, Mar 12, 5:23am
What stopped you using MPE? I am curious. Thanks.

jaja6, May 27, 9:31am
Installed Airdroid, not bad but still getting used to it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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