Help please installing video card.

I have just bought a GEforce GT740 card to install onto my ASrockFM2A58M-HD+ motherboard (quite a small board but in a full size case).

My problem is that the graphics card slot sits directly beside the WIFI slot which we are using and the graphics card uses 2 window slots (excuse the non-techy speak) of which one is being used by the WIFI antenna's. I hope this makes sense.

I have heard that that I can change the WIFI to a simple USB input instead of the card plugged into the motherboard and this should free up the space I need.

Any help would be appreciated.

geek_benthecat, Jul 7, 4:34 pm

you can sometimes move the wireless card to another slot if you have a spare, usually there are a few

geek_king1, Jul 7, 5:03 pm

1 x PCIe 3.0 x16,
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1,
1 x PCI

Not many option have you :-(

geek_sqidlie, Jul 7, 6:01 pm

I see the problem. You could also get a WIFI card that uses the bottom PCI slot, but it would be more cost affective and easier just to get a simple USB WiFi adapter. Personally I've found no advantage of PCI over USB for WiFi.

geek_schizoid, Jul 7, 7:09 pm

Thanks Schizoid. That helps a lot. I will look into that.

geek_benthecat, Jul 7, 8:42 pm

Sometimes USB can actually be better, as you can stick on the end of a 1m USB extension cable and stick it up somewhere away from the metal case, etc.

geek_lugee, Jul 7, 11:14 pm

Thanks guys. All sorted. Pretty simple really! DUH!

My computer is probably on about 6 feet from the modem - so just went back to a cable connection and got rid of WIFI all together! .

geek_benthecat, Jul 8, 4:40 pm

A decent PCIe WiFi card will come with an external antenna anyway. I prefer the Intel models as they're very reliable.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 8, 5:28 pm

I approve of this solution

geek_schizoid, Jul 8, 6:02 pm

Just a little bit more help needed. My current computer info is:

CPU: AMD A4-7300 3.80 Gigahertz dual core (Stock standard fan)
GPU: GEForce GT740 2 GIG (Just purchased)
Motherboard: ASRock FM2 A58M

My questions is would the CPU be sufficient to run games such as Outlast, Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil Revelations (I don't do much gaming so that would probably be about it, apart from Alien Isolation which I know the CPU wont run properly and is on my sons computer) and would the stock standard fan be sufficient to keep it to temp. According to STEAM it is ok to run these games but my concern would be the temp. Following are links to my current CPU and 2 that I could upgrade to if necessary.They are currently 4 sale on Trademe.

Cheers guys and appreciate your help

geek_benthecat, Jul 10, 1:49 pm

yes it will run all of those fine. Your graphics card is a bit weak, but it will still play games at low settings. Stock cooling is fine unless you are getting into some heavy overclocking. I imagine AMD would run into some serious legal issues if they didnt provide sufficient cooling with their product.

geek_schizoid, Jul 10, 3:02 pm

while your CPU isnt great, none of the games you listred will need more than 2 cores. Not even Alien Isolation apparently.

geek_schizoid, Jul 10, 3:46 pm

Thanks again schizoid you have been a great help, again:) I certainly don't think I will be getting into any overclocking - if I understand it correctly. Not on purpose anyway.

I have had so many issues with computers in the last couple of years - mine, my sons and my daughters - that it just nice to know I am heading the right direction. Call it paranoia:)

geek_benthecat, Jul 10, 4:07 pm

overclocking is not something you can do by accident, so I think you'll be safe

geek_schizoid, Jun 7, 10:30 am

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