Win 7 HDMI cable not working

Purchased an HDMI cable to run from the desktop - running Win 7 - to the tv. The TV recognises that the computer is there (HDMI option comes up) but says connecting, and eventually 'no connection found'. The same cable works well on the laptop - running 8.1 - but as I need laptop for other purposes, we really need to get the desktop working. I figure it's a setting in the desktop that I need to enable. Google has not been my friend as I have come up with so many possible things I don't really know where to start, so figured someone here might just know what it is I need to do. TIA.

geek_blue33, Apr 10, 8:07 pm

try updating the graphics drivers

you'll need to id the graphics chip and get the drivers from the manufacturers website

geek_king1, Apr 10, 9:50 pm

Thank you, I'll try that.

geek_blue33, Mar 2, 5:17 am

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