sykotik_ninja, Mar 2, 6:46am
How do I enable Superuser for the Samsung S3 4.3? DuckToGo messing with my head.

wayne416, Mar 2, 7:48am
I take it its rooted.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 2, 7:52am
I thought by default all phone's were? I'll root it if need be (and I say that with a stupid grin on my face)

vtecintegra, Mar 2, 8:25am
Nope - no reputable phone comes with root access by default

Maybe it is best to take a step back and tell us what you are actually trying to achieve.

wayne416, Mar 2, 8:32am
Phones are not rooted by default and superuser is for rooted phones. If you do root it superuser should be installed by the program used to do it. Once rooted would recommend installing a firewall to stop apps that are not used by you wasting data and an app called AdAway to stop advertising pop ups which people are willing to put up with with a non rooted phone. Be careful when deleting stuff once rooted because you have full access to the phones files and you don't want to delete a system file and ruin the phone.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 2, 10:51am
Cheers Vtec and Wayne, easy to follow instructions.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 18, 8:48pm
Can anyone recommend a easy to use program to root above mentioned phone? Must also be able to remove root as well. I've used this program but am having trouble with granting Superuser rights.

Much appreciated.

jeremy_74, Mar 18, 10:07pm
Here's basically what I did to my S3.
Just note the links in this article maybe old, so could be a good idea to search for newer software versions of the software used.

I remember having a problem with a step in this method and was only fixed by downloading a newer version than what was linked in the article.

wayne416, Mar 18, 10:18pm
Try this, only program that would root a family Alcatel. Also unroots so leave program on computer. Good luck.

jeremy_74, Mar 18, 10:56pm
isn't that the same program op has already tried?

Also I use an app called "root hide". Instead of removing root completely it just removes the binary.
Just make sure if you use this app to set a password first before uninstalling binary.

wayne416, Mar 18, 11:08pm
Your right, this is also good, may work.

_drdee_, Mar 19, 12:11am

Still a very active community for the S3, first phone outside of the Nexus series to have a 5.1 ROM available too.
They run like a dream with CM, lots of life left in the S3.

jeremy_74, Mar 19, 12:21am
yeah I run CM12 with Boeffla kernel. Awesome sound!
Way better than stock.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 19, 7:29am
Thanks for all the info, I'll go over it all once I get some time.

Cheers all.

sykotik_ninja, Mar 20, 1:09pm
Could I remove root once I've finished with it? I need to recover some photo's but I don't want to leave the phone rooted. The sprog might do serious damage.

jeremy_74, Mar 21, 8:30pm
yes there's a 'full root uninstall' option in the settings of SuperSU.

sykotik_ninja, May 1, 3:20am
Cheers mate.

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