Vodafone modem + email hacking

suzannelg, Mar 17, 12:14am
Has anyone experienced having both their modem and email hacked? I've just managed to get back online after having my services restricted due to being hacked, and having spam sent out.

r.g.nixon, Mar 17, 12:37am
Spam that appears to be from your address is almost always 'spoofing'. Someone is pretending to be you, and your computer is not compromised.

A hacked modem can't send out email. Did you leave the admin password as 'admin'? Change it.

suzannelg, Mar 17, 12:45am
Vodafone said that both were compromised. I always change my passwords regularly, so much so that I can't always remember them.

spyware, May 13, 9:26am
Vodafone tier 1 CSRs are ill educated monkeys. They just make up stories to placate people.

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