A bit of help please

dadtofive, Apr 28, 11:14pm
hi we had vdsl set up this morning

the cord from modem to wall point is very short

is there a correct name of that cord so I can search trade me for a longer one thanks

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 12:03am
It will be just a normal phone cord, if I recall correctly.

dadtofive, Apr 29, 12:11am
I have checked that and no the plug that goes into the wall is different .which is a shame or I could have used the one from the old modem

spyware, Apr 29, 12:39am
Chorus are using RJ45 on the wall plate.


cookee_nz, Jan 2, 9:20am
There are three types of common connectors. The white narrow older style is called a BT connector (British Telecom). Often these will have a small square connector at the other end called an RJ11, usually with 4 gold contacts. There is also RJ12 which is same size but has 6 contacts. Then there is a similar but larger RJ45 connector with 8 contacts, commonly associated with networking. This is becoming the most common and defacto connector. The wiring is such that you 'should' be able to plug an RJ11 or 12 into a correctly wired RJ45 and still have it working IF an RJ45 socket has been used for telephony. It can get confusing but once you've identified the connectors getting a suitable longer cable should be easy.

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