Smart tv

just_lookin1, Aug 27, 11:35pm
Do they all work from wifi? Or do I need to hook it to the modem? Can I share pictures from my cell to it or does it need hooked up to cell? My friend has one and can put photos on it from her cell, i'm looking at getting one 2nd hand and was wondering if they are all capable of this or depends on brand/price/age?

suicidemonkey, Aug 27, 11:41pm
Depends on the model. Pretty much all new models will have wifi but some of the older ones might not.

Best way to view content from your smart phone is using a Chrome Cast (about $60).

neoslowmo, Aug 27, 11:42pm
Not all will be WiFi need to look into specs to make sure if it's not WiFi it probably will have an Ethernet port.
Ask your friend how she connects her ph to the TV can be done a few ways.

just_lookin1, Aug 28, 4:03am
My friends one is wifi, to hook her phone up she just 'shares', To get on the internet she has a menu/internet button on her remote.
I looked up the spec's on this 2nd hand one I'm looking at and it said no wifi.
What is chrome cast? *wanders off to google*
Might not be worth the worry for all I'll use it.
Thanx for the replies.

just_lookin1, Aug 28, 4:30am
Googled chromecast, I don't even need a smart tv if I had a chromecast do I? From what I read, it will work on on my HDTV?

ryanm2, Aug 28, 6:06am
No one actually needs a smart tv - but yes, a chromecast will essentially make your tv smart, though its just streaming what your laptop in doing.

suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 6:25am
Yup Chromecast is great but it does nothing by itself - it just streams from your phone or tablet or computer.

wotz_it_2_ya, Aug 28, 6:30am
Errr no. Its time you got one so you give correct advice as to the capabilities

suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 6:33am
How is their advice incorrect?

wotz_it_2_ya, Aug 28, 6:35am
streaming what is on your laptop screen is not all it does. That wasn't even possible when the device was released.

spyware, Jan 6, 8:10am
Because its in-sightless and doesn't describe how it works at all.

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