Samsung smart tv

crash01, Feb 22, 5:00am
have had apps on the tv but now get message saying lightbox not supported and have lost all apps now any one help

galex, Feb 22, 6:38am
I have a Samsung "Smart" 3D Blu-ray player, Lightbox box stopped working in December afer an update by Samsung and has only just come back this week. after the 3rd attempt by Samsung to sort it out. It wouldn't surprise me if they have stuff things up for you TV with their latest "fixes". Email Lightbox and Samung with your problems - good luck getting any sense out of Samsung. rubbish support in my experience.

intrade, Jul 15, 10:10am
i had a error for tvnz on demand.did factory reset whipe all and got fresh update not the update over update over update , and it is fixed for me dont use lightbox my self

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