"Not Responding . Recover Webpage"

funho1, May 19, 2:57pm
My 2-yr-old HP laptop w/Windows 8 is very slow. Often pages - especially some sites I am on regularly such as Stuff or Trademe - freeze, sometimes all white. And often the same message comes up along the bottom - as in the title above.

I have run an ad-remover, and have Norton anti-virus; but it persists.

Any suggestions ? TIA Peter

r.g.nixon, May 19, 7:46pm
Check CPU usage when it is slow (via Task Manager).
Try a different web browser.
Clear out all your %temp% files (perhaps use CCleaner for a more thorough cleanout).

king1, May 19, 8:22pm

olack, May 20, 1:15pm
um, select ReSeeker < cleans registry. If the pc is old you may have installed and uninstalled many experimental software applications. There may be many registry entries for the those applications left in the registry normally. Microsoft Windows likes to do that. http://www.hoverdesk.net/ .Oh and you will like this application - updates all computers drivers for free. I l*ve it. http://www.iobit.com/driver-booster.php < has never done any bad thing for me in 4 months and I repair quite a few computers with it updating drivers for free and the application saves me hours of work on older computers.

king1, Nov 1, 9:23am
None of what you have described is relevant to the OPS problem and truth be told will probably just make things worse.
Registry cleaners are a rebuild waiting to happen.

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