4K TV Refresh Rates - Claims and Truth

duggin, Aug 4, 12:31am

jeremy_74, Aug 4, 9:43am
Nothing new, been a problem with LCD/LEDs from day 1.

Most 1080p LCD/LEDs can only do 360-600 lines of motion resolution.
They use 100hz 200hz motion interpolation to try and combat this.

Panasonic states the model plasma I own can do >1000 lines.

suicidemonkey, Aug 4, 10:14am
Most TV/movies is shot at a 1/50 shutter speed and rendered in either 25 progressive or 50 interlaced frames per second. So wouldn't a higher refresh rate than 50hz be fairly pointless?

jeremy_74, Aug 4, 10:40am
interpolation makes frames using data from original source. So 100hz interpolation is adding another 50 interlaced frames

suicidemonkey, Aug 4, 10:57am
I see. Does it actually make a noticeable difference? I think I'd rather stick to the true frame rate.

jeremy_74, Mar 25, 9:27pm
It can reduce motion blur in most cases.
Side effects are the 'Soap Opera' effect and digital artifacts.

I have interpolation turned off on both my Plasma's because of the 'Soap Opera' effect and mid to top model Plasma's dont need interpolation anyway.

My only LCD is a 50hz model and suffers from motion blur with fast movement.

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