Steam USD to NZD?

afroiz, Feb 15, 9:21am
I just started using steam and was wondering if you can change the currency from USD to NZD? and also does anyone know roughly when the steam sales are?

schizoid, Feb 15, 9:27am
Sales are seasonal, so usually summer, winter, Xmas. There's usually a few things highlighted on weekends also.

vtecintegra, Feb 15, 9:33am
You can't - sales are actually in USD so how much you pay in NZD depends on what exchange rate your credit card company is using at the time.

mikep, Feb 15, 11:07am

schizoid, Feb 15, 1:58pm
Certain countries, for better or worse, get regional pricing. NZ is not one of them. If you are looking for the best deal on any game at any given time, search for it on this site.

Amazon is worth checking also, especially during the sale seasons.

intrade, Feb 15, 7:18pm
it would still be the same charges i use steam on linux since a long time and got the best deals with humble bundle pay what you want deals and steam also sometimes have up to 75% at times deals off. So i dont care what currency it was when its so cheap. I only ever buy linux games
looks like we started february 2014 with gaming

cafc2012, Aug 3, 10:16pm
Prices (and payments) are in US$ only for NZ accounts. Sales usually time with major summer and winter holidays, but there are smaller sales throughout the years, and individual game, franchise or publisher sales happen most weekends, As another poster pointed out, sign up for humble bundle for great sales, for pc, mac and linux games there is often the option to get the game as a 'steam code' which allows you to install and manage games you buy via Humble in your Steam account,

Also - Steam is awesome!

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