Lolipop "Lolipop swipe to unlock"

Before I begin the arduous task of going back to Kitkat, does anyone smarter than me know a way of disabling Lolipops new lockscreen? I don't want my notifications displayed for the world to see, so my lockscreen is devoid of any useful information, yet i still have to perform the annoying upward swipe to reach my pattern lock. Before i could just hit the power button and flick in my pattern. Now I have to swipe past a screen I don't want nor need. My Googling has revealed thousands of equally annoyed people but few solutions other than retrograding.

geek_oclaf, Feb 11, 1:52 pm

Settings,security, lockscreen maybe able to turn it off and set your own as you like.

geek_wayne416, Feb 11, 2:36 pm

Unfortunately no. That was the first place I tried.

geek_oclaf, Feb 11, 3:15 pm

geek_wayne416, Feb 11, 3:34 pm

Damned naggy update. Open up the phone every 20 minutes or so and there it is, polity asking me to update - again.

geek_king1, Feb 11, 5:39 pm

i dont have swipe screen and turns on with pattern. I have set it at lockscreen-screenlock-pattern entered twice then set backup pin twice -ok which brings me back to lockscreen and screenlock should read secured with pattern. No more swipescreen. On rooted note3 audax-lollipop v20.7

geek_dann2, Feb 11, 10:15 pm

Depends on your phone - my N4 needs swipe to unlock but my G3 goes straight to the unlock pad

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 11, 10:25 pm

Nexus 5 no swipe or pin screen running lollipop. Settings and security
screen pinning: off
screen lock: none

I removed those options and facial rec on Kitkat but don't know if that has made a difference?
Good luck, really annoying when options seem unavailable.

geek_nzmu, Feb 12, 6:27 am

Thanks, still no luck. It a moto G2 running its stock Lollipop. Really annoying. I keep turning the phone on, starting my pattern and ending up on camera because i'm not doing the silly "swipe up to unlock" bit first. It's just such a pointless screen if you're not getting the notifications.
Even has a bug flag.
Looks like no solution yet. Going back to Kitkat. What a hassle.

geek_oclaf, Feb 12, 9:30 am

same issue! also on moto g2. So how do I revert to kitkat?

geek_si50, Feb 13, 9:48 pm

ah i dont have a patern lock. i find the notifications good i tap them 2 times and get straight to the yahoo mail for example.
Nexus 5 here

geek_intrade, Feb 13, 9:52 pm

Settings/personal/security screen lock - none.
That's with custom a ROM on my S3. Not sure if its the same for stock.

geek_jeremy_74, Aug 8, 11:08 am

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