How to take photos from jpg way to load up to t/me

c2shaz1, May 10, 10:00pm
in my products when i try to up load any photo from my pictures
I get this mesage
# 2000_09150082.jpg is not a vaild file type you can only upload photos with a file extension of .bmp. .gif. .jpeg. .jpg.png

have been off trade me for a while
photos always use to load ok what wrong

do I need to change my camera seting or some setting some where in my comptoer
or try to uplaod some thing?

please any help would be nice
I am not a great comptor person so basic easy to follow
or a you tube step by step would be neat
will try any thing as driving us mad
i am useing a finepix S8000fd and what ever

tigger8, May 10, 10:02pm
try putting an "e" in the jpg part- jpeg

tolastminute, May 10, 10:06pm
1) how about rename your picture to 2000_09150082.jpeg or pic.jpeg
2) how's big of your 2000_09150082 picutre.

c2shaz1, May 10, 10:07pm
software come with camra back then about 6 years old ?

doggitt, May 10, 10:18pm
Try shortening the name and losing the _ underscore.

c2shaz1, May 10, 10:27pm
file name is not vaild

c2shaz1, May 10, 10:29pm
is all that comes up wen i try to up load picture tryed adding jpg and or jpeg in vaild

-bookzone-, May 10, 10:33pm
Are you actually renaming the image where it is stored *before* you try uploading it?

And does the renaming actually 'stick' - in other words, when you check the image in 'My Pictures', does it show the new name you've given it?

tolastminute, May 10, 10:37pm
what's Operating System you are using?. Check this link
Then change picture extension to .jpeg

c2shaz1, May 10, 10:41pm
yes have found save and change for mat and is saveing changes to new file name can my products up load from my pictures ? as seams to not want to not sure what to do am trying diffrent things but was hoping some one has had this happen before me and has easy fix

-bookzone-, May 10, 10:47pm
Assuming you are using a computer running Windows, try opening the image in Microsoft Paint, then click 'File' - 'Save As'. Create a new folder, then save it in the new folder with a simple name like image1.jpg

Upload the image from your new folder.

r.g.nixon, Dec 5, 3:56pm
My guess is that it is either a 'raw' of 'tif' photo. You can't just change the extension. You have to "Save as. " and choose jpg/jpeg

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