Google 2 Step Verification and 2Degrees

timtec, Apr 13, 10:59pm
Hi Guys.
Anyone else with 2Degrees who isn't receiving txt messages from Google 2 Step Verification?

At the moment, I can't login to my account (haven't been able to for past 3 days) since I never get the verification code text messages. I suspect 2Degrees has something to do with it.

Any suggestions on what to do (I have no other way at all to login, since I never printed/knew to print recovery codes)?

Thanks :)

trad, Apr 13, 11:08pm
I use gmail 2 step verification and 2degrees. Have verified on about 3 occasions and all went well. Last one was about 6 months ago.

timtec, Apr 13, 11:13pm
Hmmm - the last time I verified it worked too. The last txt I got came from an 027 number which makes me wonder if something weird is going on. That was on the 1st of April.

trad, Apr 13, 11:25pm
Are you sure you have put in the correct password including upper case letters if they are included.

trad, Apr 13, 11:33pm
Look at the last two paragraphs on this page;

They talk about asking you questions.

suicidemonkey, Apr 13, 11:57pm
I often don't get the text the first time on Spark. Just request it again until it comes throug

Or use the Google Authenticator app

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 14, 12:00am
If you have a smartphone you can use the google authenticator app for 2 step. Saves relying on a text.

chnman, Apr 14, 7:31am
I have 2 degrees mobile and use 2 step verification. Just tried it and text message was within 10 secs. Maybe try calling 2 degrees and see if they can help find out why texts aren't coming in. Or maybe turn off the mobile completely, then restart it and try again.

When you set up the 2 step verification, you might have added a "backup phone" (in my case it was my home phone number). To check, proceed to login with email/password, then click on "Problems receiving your code?", and if you did set up a backup phone, it will have one of the options as "Call your backup phone: **-*** **nn", where the nn is the last two digits of the number. So if your backup phone was 09-123 4567, it will show as **-*** **67.

Good luck.

timtec, Apr 14, 9:39am
Hmm the trouble is that my password is correct, it logs in, stops at the 2 Step Screen, and I can't get passed that. I don't have a recovery phone, and no recovery code.

There is no way I can access the authenticator app I think since it needs a logged in Google Account to get it setup. :(

flower_tears, Apr 14, 12:53pm
Happened to me as well about a month ago, restarted the phone and all the codes came in at once! On 2D as well

trad, Apr 14, 8:56pm
Chnman, will they make a call to a backup NZ landline? And have you checked that this works?

chnman, Apr 14, 11:14pm
Yes, just tried it. The voice says "thanks for using the phone verification system", and says "your code is. ", then you input the code.

trad, Apr 14, 11:20pm
Thanks Chnman.

chnman, Apr 14, 11:22pm

2degreescare, Apr 16, 12:59am
Hi there. Try it to an 022 number, if you have one and see if it arrives. Due to number portability some overseas networks will not be up to speed on NZ's number changes and deliver it to your previous network provider.
Google's SMS vendor will be sending it to your previous provider (027 = Spark) who after checking that your number is not with them will drop the SMS.

kieran211, Feb 14, 9:29am
This is exactly why I setup Google Authenticator app as primary way to receive codes, then have multiple backup options: mobile (TXT), landline (voice call), 10x backup one-time codes. Maybe OP should do all that once all up and running to stop in future.

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