Buying a Phone from overseas

muzza3, Apr 18, 7:29am
Looking at buying an unlocked S5 Active from USA, ebay or similar.
Assuming I can find someone willing to send to NZ , what do I need to know re , sim cards , unlocking etc .
Looks like I will save around $200
Any advice appreciated , was looking forward to the release of the S6, but was disappointed with the backwards , lack of shock dust and water profing

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 7:32am
Keep in mind that if the price including shipping is over $400 or so (approx) NZ, you'll get charged GST at customs plus a $55 security fee. That + no warranty often makes it not worth the hassle.

ryanm2, Apr 18, 7:45am
It aint worth it unless you are saving a substantial amount of money. I wouldn't buy any electronics of ebay, wouldn't know what you are getting.

muzza3, Apr 18, 7:57am
Wasn't so much worried about GST , will still be under $400, Ebay I have never had a problem with was also considering Amazon same sort of saving, same with AliExpress, real quick delivery

brycer, Apr 18, 7:58am
Not to mention the delay while it sits here in customs and them needing payment before it is released etc. Personally I wouldn't bother

wayne416, Apr 18, 8:02am
I bought one last year here, free shipping, good deal and well protected if anything goes wrong, just check sellers feedback before buying. Also make sure its covers NZ cell frequencies and make sure its new, genuine and not refurbished. You could have a different experience but i think their customer support is better than Ebay as you pay them and funds are not passed to seller until you are satisfied. Edited to add it could be 1-4 weeks to arrive but if it doesn't arrive in the time specified by seller you get to keep and get your money back also.

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 8:03am
Looking at the S5 Active on Ebay, the cheapest seems to be around $410 NZD. At that price, you're looking at a $110 customs fee on top of the purchase price.

_drdee_, Apr 18, 10:23pm
An electronic device with no warranty or cover under the CGA, just not worth the risk.

soundsgood, Feb 7, 4:21am
Have purchased electronic items on Ebay and Amazon with no problems, so far. Bought a phone a few years ago that worked fine here. Might do so again soon.

Aliexpress is a whole other proposition. The assumption should be that most sellers of electronics there are looking to offload junk and if there are problems Aliexpress might support your view or the sellers - it's a lottery unless you find a particular seller/store you can trust.

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