Excessive GB usage

formal1, Feb 25, 3:27am
Hi, I am finding in the last week that my GB usage has skyrocketed and can't find the reason why. Last night watching a 2 and half hour movie on Youtube used nearly 4 Gbs. We only ever watch movies etc on youtube and normally have it on from 7am to 8pm and normally never go over 4gbs for the whole day. the only difference we can see is that youtube has a lock in the search column. nothing else is different. Hope someone can help.

mazdasix, Feb 25, 3:31am
A 2 and a half hour movie on YouTube in HD would easily be 4gb. If you want to use less data, view in SD (480p)

Basically if you're watching video, expect high data usage. Video will use the most data of any type of internet browsing.

brapbrap8, Feb 25, 3:32am
Has anyone in the house recently got a new phone, computer, games console etc?

formal1, Feb 25, 3:45am
No, no one in the house has brought anything new. there is only me in the house during the day and my husband doesn't use any computer or other devices. Just seems really odd its only been the last week. I normally watch at least 7 hours a day and never had a problem. How do I watch Youtube in SD (480p ) please.

formal1, Feb 25, 4:04am
Ok, the setting was on automatic so I have changed it to 480p. I will watch something and then turn the movie off and then check the meter usage.

mazdasix, Feb 25, 5:25am
Yes if it was automatic it was probably streaming in HD

formal1, Feb 25, 5:59am
Thank you mazdasix--looks like the problem is solved according to my meter usage I have just checked. 1 and a half hours and it only used 43 mbs.

formal1, Feb 25, 6:49am
Good point.
I got so freaked out this morning when checking the usage that I rang Vodafone and went on to unlimited usage which only cost $7 a month more than what we were paying.
At least it seems everything is back to normal usage thanks to mazdasix.

suicidemonkey, Feb 25, 6:55am
If that's the case, your usage meter is wrong. 1 and a half hours would be at least a few hundred megabytes.

For $7 a month more it's well worth staying on unlimited and streaming lovely HD video :)

formal1, Jul 6, 4:18pm
suicidemonkey--you are right it was several hundred--I checked too early before it had updated the usage meter. At least it wasn't about 2 and a half Gbs which it would have been if I hadn't changed it.

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