CallPlus sold to ASX Listed M2

"Payday for CallPlus founders in $250M sale to M2

M2 Group, the ASX listed voice and data services company, has agreed to acquire New Zealand's Call Plus for $250 million, gaining the nation's third largest broadband and fixed voice services provider and the Slingshot, Orcon, Flip and 2talk . "

more at link

geek_tmg, Apr 14, 4:20 am

They cannot sell themselves as a kiwi isp anymore. Iam concerned for their customers.

geek_mr-word, Apr 16, 2:15 am

Don't be TOO concerned - after all, we shop at Aussie owned supermarkets.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 16, 2:28 am

Yep, and the majority of us bank at Aussie banks.

geek_sapper1, Apr 17, 3:23 am

And being shafted by both.

geek_wasgonna, Feb 10, 4:14 pm

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