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esther-anne, Apr 20, 8:28am
I have what must be an 'oldish' Apple iphone - given to me by my son-in-law 3 years ago and I think he had it for about 4 years.

It's driving me nuts now. I mainly use for texts and to access google etc. I noticed I wasn';t receiving texts that people say they have sent. I turned it off and then on - and they all came racing in - sometimes more than 12 hours old. Now I have to do that all the time because no texts arrive unless I do.

Also I think the battery is running down permanently because nothing happens at all, whatever I do, unless it's 100% charged all the time. This is a worry because we are having health problems at the moment - getting long in the tooth - and it's useless if communication becomes urgent.

So - my questions are (a): does it need a new battery (and how much are they and where does one get one? ) (b) is it stuffed age-wise? and (c) I have been looking at new mobiles but can only afford up to $150 - I am with Spark for all our stuff, landline, broadband and mobile - what recommendations from the intelligentsia here for a replacement for my old girl?

Thanks so much to anyone with the patience to reply!

r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 8:55am
A $9 phone for texts. And a $60 computer for Google. Will that do?

wayne416, Apr 20, 8:59am
If you want only one device like now most under $150 smart phones will do just go for the biggest screen at the cheapest price.

cookee_nz, Apr 20, 9:10am
The device may simply need a full reset to factory defaults, possibly years of clutter bogging it down?, won't hurt to try and can't make it any worse.

esther-anne, Apr 20, 9:13am
r.g.nixon wrote:
A $9 phone for texts. And a $60 computer for Google. Will that do?[/quotS

Sorry - I don't know what you mean love?

esther-anne, Apr 20, 9:24am
Thanks so much - you clearly understand I am getting old (or have already) and the biggest screen is paramount lol. Eyesight not that of a 20 year old!
Now - sorry there's more - can you explain to me what locked and unlocked means? As I understand it locked means tied up to say Voda or 2degrees or whatever unless I pay around $30 to unlock the device? So I am assuming as I am with Spark I would be best to stay there and buy a mobile that is locked into their network? I want to keep my Spark sim but do I need to? Can I transfer all my data on the sim card onto, say, a Vodaphone network? I have Spark because it gives the best coverage where I live.

esther-anne, Apr 20, 9:27am
How do I do that cookee? Thanks a lot for responding!

wayne416, Apr 20, 9:37am
Locked is as you say. I'm not recommending any one provider but you could buy an unlocked phone or buy a Skinny phone (if your on prepay they have best deal I think and use the Spark network) and take your current number with you. Your current SIM may even work. The only problem the phone you replace it with will be an Android phone, better in my opinion but may take getting use to but fairly straight forward

esther-anne, Apr 20, 10:11am
Thanks very much Wayne - sounds good to me - I did understand what you are saying and I usually have no trouble familiarising myself with something new.,like Android - which sounds bloody frightening to us ignoramuses but just sent to scare us LOL!
I didn't know what you told me about the Skinny network - could be the way to go!

Grateful for your time and trouble!

camper18, Apr 20, 8:51pm
Don't be scared of android as I found it easier than the old phones where you had to push buttons several times to get the letter. With android and a normal keyboard you just type normally. I changed in my 70s and now have trouble trying to use hubbys phone. My Ph is unlocked so I can use it in Oz with their Sims as well but just transferred my old ( 10yr sim) from my old Ph to the android and it still works fine.

esther-anne, Apr 20, 10:48pm
Oh wow - that is very cheering. So are Androids not a touch screen 'phone?
That's something I have become very accustomed to.

I shall certainly get an unlocked one - and hope my sim lasts as long as yours has, amazing to me!

Thanks a lot camper xx

cookee_nz, Apr 20, 11:03pm

cookee_nz, Apr 20, 11:08pm
'touchscreen' is a generic term and most phones these days are touchscreen although you can still get some very basic models with old-fashioned buttons. Most non-Apple touchscreen phones run Android as the operating system whereas Apple use their own 'ios'.

Once you are familiar with Android for example, you'll find you can use virtually any Android phone and most standard things will work the same, have the same icons, similar menus etc. Newer versions may have more features or options but still retain the familiarity of the earlier versions, and it's much the same with Apple. If you can use an earlier iphone you'd quickly pickup a newer one and vice-versa.

esther-anne, Jan 27, 9:16am
I really do appreciate all the information you have given me cookee - I feel better prepared to decide what to buy now.

Factory reset sounds like serious surgery lol! I think I will avoid it but I will read all the links you sent before deciding. Cheers!

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