I use the mouse upside down .

kiwitel, Mar 16, 12:48am
Is anyone else like me? I cannot use a mouse and make the cursor move across the screen if the mouse is the way most people use it- I need to turn it upside down. Then I am fast as!
My mac is easy as there is just the pad no mouse.

cookee_nz, Mar 16, 2:23am
Makes no sense. With a touchpad you move your finger up, down, left or right and the pointer follows. With a mouse you move it up, down, left or right and the pointer follows. And if you had one, same thing with a trackpoint (or joystick) so whats the difference? Hold the mouse upside down, and everything is back to front. Faster? But hey, whatever floats your boat. Have you tried other mice just to be certain?

genielass, Mar 16, 2:28am
My daughter does, as she was self taught around 10 yrs old and now early 40's. Strange to watch but she is comfortable using it that way

johnhb, Mar 16, 2:32am
I don't get it. If you turn the mouse upside down, how does it still work?

skin1235, Mar 16, 2:50am
would have to be a ball mouse surely, an optical is just plain hard work to achieve the speed and accuracy, plus how do you click the buttons? turn it over again?

ceejay13, Mar 16, 3:10am
Very odd !

kiwitel, Mar 16, 8:02am
It works just the same. If I have the mouse the right way and I have to move the cursor to a point on the screen I just keep going the opposite way . and when I turn the mouse I go straight to the part on the screen I want. It is not a choice- I just cannot do it with the mouse the right way. Must be wiring in my brain= but then I use the pad correctly on my mac. Thought someone else may have had this and could explain it. Its like anyone else turning the mouse around- they cannot do it. Well I cannot do it the correct way. Wonder why? May never know!

kiwitel, Mar 16, 8:03am
Yay- I am not the only one!

skin1235, Mar 16, 9:26am
so the mouse is not turned upside down , it is held with the cable coming out under the wrist, the click buttons are under the heel of your hand

will this work with a wireless mouse I wonder

mazdasix, Mar 16, 9:39am

hayster94, Mar 16, 10:11am
But you would sort of have to click the left and right buttons with your palm?

That's crazy hahaha. First time I have ever heard of someone using a mouse like that. I even turned my mouse around to see how hard it must be lol

kiwitel, Mar 16, 3:25pm
Sorry- as I reread my original post I realised I did not mean the whole mouse upside down I meant 'turned around' so yes the buttons are at the bottom. My fingers hold it at the bottom each side of the mouse and I click with my thumb or pointing finger. Yes I have a wireless mouse on my PC and i still turn it around. I know it's odd. Thought I may not be alone!

kiwitel, Mar 16, 3:29pm
My fingers hold the mouse (thumb on the left and rest of the fingers on the right side near the mid/ bottom, but on the side of the mouse), and I click with my thumb or pointing finger. The way you have trouble turning it around- I have the same trouble the right way up. Never could understand it.

drsr, Mar 16, 3:55pm
There is some discussion of this here, with a few software solutions for inverting the mouse axes, none of them sound very good though;

Might be easier to get an external trackpad.

kiwitel, Mar 16, 5:33pm
Interesting article- thank you. Interesting they mention dyslexia as I certainly do not have this reading and writing on paper- but often type my words in the incorrect order and then there is the mouse thing. Must be my brain. But their description is spot on in the article "I have a user with an unusual form of dyslexia, for whom mouse movements are backward. If she wants to move her cursor left, she will move the mouse right. If she wants the cursor to move up, she'll move the mouse down. She used to hold her mouse upside-down, which makes sophisticated clicking difficult, is terrible for ergonomics, and makes multi-button mice completely useless."
So I am not alone!

johnhb, Mar 16, 9:21pm
I get it- the mouse isn't actually upside down, it's simply turned around! Will give that a go today, but I think (!) it still feels weird. ? Don't know if I'd ever get used to it after a lifetime of the other way round. A bit like driving on the other side of the road I guess?

Now. better get back to work. Where was I.

kiwitel, Mar 18, 5:23am
Can you get books bound on the right hand side? Funny how our brains work.

skin1235, Mar 18, 9:03am
not easily, but with a kindle you can orientate the book whichever way you desire

kiwitel, Mar 18, 8:31pm
Of course .

russell.s.c, May 7, 4:13am
Not comfortable with it turned around but equally comfortable in either the left or right hand. Each to their own and long may it remain so.

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