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lespat, May 16, 5:11am
I changed ISP last year but the previous provider now wants $46pa to retain the Domain name and $36 for the email address. My company ceased using a website 6 years ago but I kept my associated email address . @. which is what they are billing me for. Is this normal. I would've thought it's my email address.

r.g.nixon, May 16, 5:16am
If you want to keep your own Domain name and associated address, you will need to keep paying Domain fees. But you can shop around. I don't know about prices, but someone else will.

king1, May 16, 5:20am
registerdirect are 60+gst per year for domain and email

brycer, May 16, 5:50am
Yup its your email address (If you own the domain), but just like a post office box, surely you wouldn't expect to keep it for life without paying the yearly fee? . Suggest see how much business you get from it and decide whether to keep it or not. Usually they send a reminder a month or two before it is due to expire.

tmg, May 16, 5:58am seem to have a good solution OP - park your domain with them = Cost of 21.50 + GST pa for the domain name, no cost for parking it & a very good 'create as many email forwarders as you like off it' thrown in - to forward emails to your ISP email addy or other's

A change of Domain Registrar is all that is needed . ;-)

Domain UDAI needed; create New account with new Domain Registrar & transfer the domain name to that more friendly Domain Registrar & set it up with them for email forwarding or email box as you wish.

1stdomains offer email boxes (as an extra) too I think ;-)

tmg, May 16, 6:08am
With emails being forwarded to your main ISP account - it's relatively easy to set up another email account in Outlook Express using your ISP main login account details for sending emails out - but personalising details to look like 'outwards emails sent out' are being sent using the Domain Name email address too . ;-)

lespat, May 18, 1:03am
The company is not trading but I thought it easy to retain my email addy instead of advising everyone of a change. I guess I was assuming that like a Hotmail address mine would not be chargeable too.

mattnzw, May 18, 3:13am
Domajn forwarding is full of problems. You can lose emails and very difficult to find out where they have gone.

mattnzw, May 18, 3:15am
Someone has to pay. Hotmail is full of ads which is what pays for it but you don't get any support which you get with domain email accounts. Suggest you use google apps which is about 10 per month per email account. Office 360 has a similar plan.

luxy, Nov 12, 4:12pm
yes, go to 1st domains

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