I've purchased this, and trying to setting up my account/s. I've been able to load my Hotmail account and the xtra account as new accounts. But they are going to their own individual folders. I'd like to have my xtra mail going to the main folder/inbox of outlook. (Does this make sense?) Can anybody point me to a tutorial to get xtra as the default, rather than an individual folder?

geek_xxsaffyxx, May 31, 7:16 pm

File > Account Settings > click your Xtra account > click the set as Default button

geek_sakofan, May 31, 7:34 pm

I think you can do this if they are both pop accounts but hotmail is not and i'm not sure you can pop hotmail. so probably not

geek_king1, May 31, 8:26 pm

Pretty sure you can get pop3 Hotmail.
It is now closely linked to outlook.com

geek_sparkyz, Jun 1, 4:21 pm

Thank you. that's what I was after. In my experimenting it seems I've created my folder 4 x over. Trying to work out which ones to delete now! Hmmmm.

geek_xxsaffyxx, Sep 28, 10:25 pm

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