What do you pay for web hosting ?

Just curious what people are finding is the best bargain for web hosting? Mine is due for renewal in a month and just wondered who you use.

geek_sophie145, Mar 10, 10:14 pm

$7/month OpenHost + $41/year domain.

geek_kieran211, Mar 11, 11:31 am

$3 month email only D4L and $22 a year domain D4L. Same parent company as Openhost.

geek_lythande1, Mar 11, 12:28 pm

$1 per week with Hosting Express.

geek_richardw13, Mar 11, 2:52 pm

$4.95 US =$5.60 NZ mth, Avarix.com and $12 year hostthename.com

geek_newbie5, May 30, 4:08 am

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