Screen damaged on Toshiba L650

narla6, Apr 10, 1:24am
Do you think insurance will fix or replace?

suicidemonkey, Apr 10, 1:42am
Might be a question better directed to your insurance company. All policies differ, so no one here could tell you for sure.

If I had to guess, I would assume they would do whatever is cheaper (repair).

narla6, Apr 10, 1:44am
So repairing a screen is fairly cheap? I have no idea. My excess is $250

suicidemonkey, Mar 5, 10:18am
Depends on the laptop.

The panel for that laptop is around $80 USD judging by a quick Google. So maybe $150 to get it to NZ, plus labour to install it - $50-100 an hour depending on the tech.

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