Buying a new laptop. need advice

flashback, Feb 26, 11:13pm
Hi everyone. I have two children who need to use a computer for school. Our old one doesn't seem to be coping with the demand. They run math whizz and need to run utube etc. i use the computer for Trademe (of course!), banking, skype and emailing using hotmail.

My wishes are for a number pad on it, a bigger screen, and DVD drive. I am hoping to purchase at Noel leemingas we can get flybuys and possibly a discount. I do have a preference for HP brand.

Can you please suggest a computer that would meet our requirements or the specs I need eg so many gb storage , grahics. bearing in mind that the kids will be at high school soon.We do not use the computer for gaming (yet?)

Thank you for your guidance :-)

pinky6, Feb 26, 11:38pm
i have 2x acers very reasonably priced.

r.g.nixon, Feb 27, 1:17am
Bigger screen? Bigger than the 11" ones? Bigger than the 12" ones? Bigger than the 14" ones? Bigger than the 15.4" ones? Bigger than the 17" ones?

newbie5, Feb 27, 3:01am
wouldnt touch one if you gave it to me

newbie5, Feb 27, 3:04am
If you are going to purchase at Noel Leeming then go there and have a look at the different ones in stock.
easy solution!

Coming on here and asking you are going to get a hundred different reccomendations and possibly none that suit you

josie12, Feb 27, 3:16am
Why dont you have a look at the PBTech site, they have all the specifications of the different computers, so you can compare what they have with what you want?

ctnz, Feb 27, 8:38pm
You have an idea on what you want the laptop to do, any idea on the budget? If you start adding gaming to the mix the price point will go up

black-heart, Feb 27, 9:08pm
I would buy ex-lease, reasonable prices and usually reliable, well made hardware.

vtecintegra, Jun 28, 5:26pm
I'd tend to recommend against a bigger screen - they're more fragile and at the cheap end of the market you don't get any more screen real estate anyway (1366x768 is standard across all cheap systems regardless of size)

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