Cheap 2nd computer

r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 8:18pm
If anyone needs one, even for parts - heaps of these on TM which you might get for as little as $8
Lenovo ThinkCentre Core2Duo *SPECIAL*

I have been a happy customer of theirs a few times.

newbie5, Aug 30, 6:45am
If there are so many then obviously Levano are no good

ryanm2, Aug 30, 6:49am
Whats a Levano? Lenovo acquired IBM a few years back, so yeah, them ok machines.

vtecintegra, Aug 30, 7:03am
I guess you don't understand how the corporate it market works.

ianab, Aug 30, 7:10am
It will be old business machines. Someone has sold a company or Gov dept 50 new PCs, and part of the deal is they take the old ones away. Sell em cheap is better than paying the recycle fee on them.

Without a Window licence for a current version they aren't worth very much.

They are probably good solid machines. Good for loading up Linux and giving to the kids to access Youtube and FB. (and maybe even type up some homework). Yeah I know, wishful thinking.

soneyah, Aug 30, 8:06am
i got a cheap all in one pc off here for a second pc to play some old pc games and use some old pc app and it works great cost me $24 shipped

black-heart, Aug 30, 9:47am
Hah, thats some quality logic. A laptop thats over 5 years old and in ample supply being sold as working machines suggests exactly the opposite to me.

r.g.nixon, Aug 30, 9:50am
They are desktops, not laptops.

-bookzone-, Aug 30, 9:52am
I bet they don't actually sell for less than $30 per unit, though!

By auction close, they will be well above the start price.

mrfxit, Aug 30, 10:15pm
Yep ex lease computers.
Presuming they have been physically checked & cleaned, then they are probably still good computers for basic surfing.
A lot depends on what you are expecting & what you intend to load up on the computer.
My single core 3.4 skt775 on XP still does facebook games fine & Youtube at whatever res they throw at me.

zak410, Aug 31, 12:15am
Would be great for Linux.

schizoid, Aug 31, 2:51am
I think I've seen these for sale. Don't they only come with 512MB RAM? So they will need more of that before they can be a basic FB/Youtube machine. The upgrade path is also basically null, but I doubt thats really a concern when you're buying a $8 PC.

ianab, Aug 31, 3:49am
The ones I found had 2gb. Enough to be useful. Could even run Win10 if you had a licence. But that's no longer going to be a cheap computer. Hence the Linux suggestions.

trade4us2, Sep 1, 4:42am
Yes I am running Ubuntu on two ex lease computers. They work fine.

Under $100 for the computer and LCD screen and keyboard/mouse.
The latest operating system free.

namtak, Sep 3, 12:36pm
CPU upgraded and 4gb of ram. I've got one running 8.1 on a SSD and it's great for general things. Certainly quick enough for my needs and you can't argue about the price.

r.g.nixon, Sep 3, 7:33pm
Ah, I just looked at the expired auctions - certainly some bargains to be had.

chriswgtn1, Sep 3, 8:52pm
If you buy a 2nd hand PC or laptop there's a very good chance it'll have Malware on it. I have found that you need to clean them up with two very good free tools. Malwarebytes and Revo uninstaller Pro - which takes a while but works. The most pervasive one for me so far has been Tencent which can fix itself and reinstall at next boot up. Here is a link to getting rid of it once and for all

vtecintegra, Sep 3, 9:23pm
Not from those places that deal in ex-lease stuff - they'll either ship with a blank drive or a fresh install of whatever OS is on the COA

socram, Sep 3, 9:43pm
Considering you can buy a brand new 1Tb hard drive for about $160 (maybe less) and just load up an older OS, seems fair enough.

With business computers written down by 48% a year, they are not worth much after two or three years, so I just strip and dump old PC's, printers and ancient lap tops. Pile all the old circuit boards in a big box, along with all other stripped electrical stuff, ready to give away to whoever wants it.

morticia, Dec 16, 8:23pm
The ex-lease boxes, blank or old OS is usually reflected in the pricing and are usually good value but if it doesn't have facility for PCI-E, it's useless to me. Still plenty of good, older boxes with that available that work fine. It all depends what you want them for and to be just an old XP/Win7/Linux banger with onboard everything needs little in the way of spec to be a decent goer.

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