Windows going to Expire soon

Hey all i bought a laptop for my child and i just thought it came with a full version of windows but it doesnt cause it come up with a warning to say it will expire on 28th march . what is the cheapest way to get another version ? can i just buy a key code or do i have to buy the whole thing cd books etc ? and im using win 8 at the moment as well so would like to get that gain :)

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 12:56 pm

Where did you buy it from?

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 22, 1:43 pm

Sounds like it is not activated .
As above check with the seller.

geek_newbie5, Mar 22, 1:49 pm

Is it Windows or MS Office that is expiring?

geek_pauldw, Mar 22, 1:51 pm

i think im the 3rd owner . i asked the seller but they know nothing. and its windows os expiring

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:04 pm

Does it have a window 7 sticker at the bottom?

geek_rz_zone, Mar 22, 2:15 pm

it does have a sticker on the bottom but not sure if its win 7 ? but it pretty faded and rubbed up hard to see

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:19 pm

i see what you mean it looks like i have to activate it . but if i dont know and cant see the code what do i do?

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:25 pm

i bought a new desktop with a full version win 8 can i enter that code on the laptop?

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:30 pm

You'll have to buy another copy.

May or may not be worth it depending on the age of the machine

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 22, 2:31 pm

Depends what OS the computer came with. If they contact the manufacturer they should be able to tell them. It is likely the COA is hardcoded into the computer, so they should then be able to get it authenticated. To install windows, they must have either had the serial number, or it was a system restore. If they contact microsoft, they should be able to gtell them what to do.

geek_mattnzw, Mar 22, 2:39 pm

Go to control panel and click system If your windows is activated the number will show at the bottom

geek_newbie5, Mar 22, 2:40 pm

when i right clicked MY PC and went to properties it says my windows is activated ? and i have windows 8.1 pro

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:41 pm

Or (quite likely) they used a generic key that will install but not activate

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 22, 2:41 pm

did that and it shows the code and says it is all activated ?

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 2:48 pm

You could have malware or a virus that is causing the message, and it may not be coming from windows itself. Maybe just wait until the 28th to see what happens. Or contact the seller.

geek_richardw13, Mar 22, 2:54 pm

this is what im getting like whats in the pics further down the post so it looks like i need a new version grrrrrrrr

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 3:54 pm

If its a blue/green COA, then it should have win7 installed on it or possibly Vista if earlier, not win 8.1 Pro. If it's factory installed with Win 8, it will have brownish Windows 8 sticker on it.

geek_d.snell, Mar 22, 4:47 pm

Yeah its blueish green . so does that mean it was upgraded to win 8.1 pro?

geek_dagon1, Mar 22, 4:58 pm

Just ignore mr gates silly outtakes and use it. I have run a pirate win7 on a laptop for 3 years and at startup get the same rubbish but I ignore it and carry on regardless.

geek_sanders4, Mar 23, 7:41 pm

you just have to wait a few months and you can get Win 10 for free

geek_newbie5, Mar 23, 9:52 pm

what is the worse that will happen when the time comes? can it still be used?

geek_dagon1, Mar 23, 11:01 pm

Nope, it will ask to be activated before loading to the desktop screen, and you will need a key.

geek_black-heart, Mar 24, 9:22 am

why would you even want to pay for another crap operation system. bill gates is the worlds richest man because he is the best con artist ever born. that he is extreem good at. just whach the original movie the pirates of silicone valley he is the master pirate. the whole movie is absolute true in its content the scenes are out of place steve jobs book biography explains loads of the movies scenes in extreem details .
this is what went down back then and how micro bill got rich by piracy and decsption.

geek_intrade, Mar 24, 11:18 am

you could reinstall windows 8 from scratch and leave it in trial mode, and then wait it out until windows 10 gets released (as someone else pointed out) and get that for free

i beleive you can re-arm the machine once the initial 30 days runs out by running slmgr.vbs /rearm at an elevated command prompt, and get 90 days before you are forced to activate

geek_csador, Mar 24, 11:45 am

it sounds like it was a trial activation. It will tell you it is activated but it tells you it will expire soon. You will need to pay for a new licence. You can upgrade to Windows 10 later but you will still need to buy a new licence. Windows 10 will upgrade pirate versions but will tell you how to get new licence to make it legal and genuine.

geek_gilco2, Mar 24, 1:40 pm

This is why I'd never buy a secondhand machine. Sounds like you were conned by the previous owner and they were not honest when they sold it to you.
I've had windows vista on my laptop for 9 years and never get any messages about expiring soon etc. It just keeps working, with no messages.

geek_iwikiwi, Mar 24, 1:55 pm

Another Linux /Mac user

geek_newbie5, Mar 24, 3:16 pm

OP, What is the make & model of the laptop?

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 25, 6:29 am

try the latest version of mint its great ,after you use it you will never want to use a windows OS again . . oh and its free :)

geek_velenski, Mar 26, 9:59 am

Yeah? Well, it won't run my most expensive software, like DxOptics Pro and DxOptics Viewpoint, both essential to my photographic interests and there are no substitutes for these programs. Flavours of Linux are only good for alternative programs (and/or unintelligible commandline strings that nobody understands) that geeks like to play with, and maybe a few alternatives like Open Office etc. My computer is a production machine, not a toy that I can indulge myself with Linux etc. Horses for courses. I don't know what it is that drives Linux geeks to exhort others to change to Linux, but it sure isn't in order to really help others.

geek_cjdnzl, Mar 26, 11:08 pm

Mint does 99% of what I need it for. Without resorting to command line.
Gaming via steam
Office software
Photo and video editing
Web surfing
The only software I have to use Windows for is the software to talk to my car.
Even the installation is GUI.

geek_gsimpson, Mar 26, 11:20 pm

removewat is an option

geek_tel4, Apr 18, 4:29 am

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