Treasurers cash flow template? Excel

I have googled but have not found what I am looking for.
I need to replace the manual book keeping system used by a small non-profit organisation.

Income in
income out
Bank reconciliation

Can anyone suggest a site to find a template?
Thank you

geek_sue62, Jun 3, 8:19 pm

Take a look at Cashbook Complete from
I have used this now for 12 years and it does all you want and is so easy to use.

geek_kew, Jun 3, 8:40 pm

what version excel sue?

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 8:59 pm

Excel 2013. Thanks

geek_sue62, Jun 3, 9:16 pm

sorry cannot help, checked a few templates in the versions I have here, nothing really jumps out as ideal, a couple could be made to do it but it would take a bit of fingering to keep it real
think cashbook still does a home version for free?, there is a cloud one around great for small businesses, will check and get back in a few days re where and if it costs

geek_skin1235, Jun 3, 10:05 pm

Its not hard to make your own if there are not many transactions and all you want is a list of receipts and payments, adding up to the closing bank balance. Is that all you need?

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Jun 3, 10:08 pm

yep, but you don't need cashbook complete unless u do gst. , just use the free version

geek_luxy, Jun 4, 7:01 am

Thank you all for the replies

geek_sue62, Sep 20, 10:56 am

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