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holdensorfords, Feb 18, 8:23am
Hi all. I am wanting a sound card for karaoke that is compatible with Windows 8.1. Meaning I would like to use the mic and play music at the same time and maybe have some eax effects. Would any0ne know of such a sound card?

suicidemonkey, Feb 18, 8:28am
Your built-in onboard sound card will do those things. Buying separate sound cards is fairly pointless these days.

holdensorfords, Feb 20, 4:53am
Oh, okay & when will it do it? It hasn't yet?

lostdude, Feb 20, 6:01am
EAX is propriety to Creative so any Sound Blaster soundcard will suffice. Plenty of choices:

holdensorfords, Feb 21, 4:00am
Thanks for that lostdude. How do I know if it is compatible with Windows 8.1?

mazdasix, Feb 21, 4:49am
Sure ignore #2 and go buy one lol. Some people cant be told

holdensorfords, Feb 21, 6:45am
I didn't ignore #2. She didn't explain how to do it or can you not see #3? If you're not going to be helpful, why bother even writing anything at all?

lostdude, Jul 18, 11:26pm
The first thing you have to determine is what slots you have available on your motherboard. If you have both PCIe & PCI, you have a wider range of choice, if you only have PCIe, the choice is limited and comparatively more expensive.

Secondly, you will have to determine if there are drivers written for Windows 8 for the soundcard you're keen on, but the general rule of thumb is if it is still being sold new, it will have Windows 8 drivers.

Anyway, to reiterate suicidemonkey's point, most if not all onboard souncards will have microphone inputs, although not all will support EAX. So maybe posting specifics like the motherboard model and any other models of equipment you are using (e.g. karaoke machine, microphone etc) then we can point you in the right direction.

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