Spilt coke on keyboard

ilovekids, Apr 20, 8:46pm
Hi all. My son has spilt coke on our laptop keyboard. A lot of keys are not fully working etc. how is the best way to tackle this. should I go buy a wireless one or can a technician fix somehow?

nzoomed, Apr 20, 8:53pm
The keyboard will more than likely be screwed.
Seen this alot, hopefully it did not get into the rest of the laptop, your probably looking at around $100 to replace depending on the model of laptop.

black-heart, Apr 20, 9:05pm
new keyboard

mrfxit, Apr 20, 9:06pm

Theres no way to really know how far the coke has gone through the laptop until it's stripped.
If it's gotten on to the motherboard inside, then it WILL most likely shorten the lifespan of the laptop by several years.
If you don't know anyone who KNOWS what they are doing, to strip & clean it, then take it to a computer shop ASAP

Spilling drinks & dropping laptops are by far, the two biggest killers of laptops.
If you keep it powered up & or simply want to keep using it, then you MIGHT be lucky . Or not.

Remove the battery & unplug from mains power
If you keep using it without being cleaned then it's about a 70% chance of it being fried or a short lifespan.

ilovekids, Apr 20, 10:17pm
Thanks all :)

cookee_nz, Apr 20, 11:19pm
Liquids/food and PC's do not mix. Never the twain shall met. It will all depend on just how much was spilt. A very small amount confined to the keyboard may not be serious other than a new keyboard. It's when it seeps under and onto the mainboard that it gets serious. Definitely get it checked but also be aware it's probably covered by your home contents insurance if you choose to claim on it (taking into account age of the laptop, replacement cost vs your insurance excess and possible loss of no-claims bonus) and if so your insurer will almost certainly have a preferred repairer who they will arrange to either collect the unit or you drop it in for assessment. Worth checking with them first.

trade_menow, Apr 20, 11:46pm
that will teach ya - never ever ever have food or drinks around computers - otherwise . well you know now

mr_lovebug, Jan 28, 9:07pm
Whats the make and model and the age of the laptop?

Sometimes insurance claim for a new laptop can be a good thing, but Mrfxit is on the money and knows his stuff.

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