Anti virus soft ware

treens2, Feb 22, 7:01am
What do you use ,thanks for your thoughts

kew, Feb 22, 7:03am
Nod32 for around 10 years and never had a problem

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 7:11am
Panda Free on most of my computers. Avast (free version) on a couple. And just Windows Defender on another one.

chnman, Feb 22, 7:23am
I have used various ones over the years, currently use ESET Smart Security. If you want just an antivirus, a free one like Panda or Avast would be better than buying one. But if you want an internet security suite, then nearly all need to have a subscription purchased.

chnman, Feb 22, 7:26am

black-heart, Feb 22, 7:37am
As regular people don't like annoying pop ups, misleading dialogue boxes that are just as bad as having the computer infected. stay away from panda / avast / avg / etc . free versions. Either pay $60 odd for nod32, or use MSE.

Accept all vendors offer a best effort service rather than complete protection.

And avoid mcafee / trend / nortons security "suites", as they are bloated, annoying with messages and pop ups and interfere with almost every function of using the internet on the computer.

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 7:39am
MSE is far too weak.

lilyfield, Feb 22, 7:40am
no pop ups on my Panda

wayne416, Feb 22, 7:43am
Comodo internet security premium is very good, lite, free and no pop-ups.

chnman, Feb 22, 7:50am
I used to use ESET Nod32 antivirus when it was at version 2.7, and now use ESET Smart Security. The price from the local seller (Chillisoft) is so much more than the US site however. I got from the US site (it wasn't simple either) and got a 2 year license for 2 computers for the price of 1 year. Otherwise, I would probably have put up with Norton (I won't go into that, but they were going back to their old ways so I quit using).

hakatere1, Feb 22, 3:24pm

sykotik_ninja, Feb 22, 5:20pm
Pop-ups on Panda?

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 6:31pm
There is one that comes up in the bottom-right corner once every day or two. One click closes it.

sykotik_ninja, Feb 22, 8:12pm
Yup I seen it, hardly an annoyance though. I usually leave it there until my mouse wanders in the general vicinity. Then pop.

chnman, Feb 22, 9:57pm
On my post #5 on that link, scroll way down to the "COMMENTS" from users, the 6th comment made in Jan 2015 says:

"I am not very familiar with Panda. Just a tip: you can disable the offer pop-ups by making a blocking rule in Windows firewall for Avira file ipmgui.exe."

I am assuming he means Panda and not Avira.

As I am not using Panda, I can't verify if this works. Someone here who uses it might like to test it out.

lilyfield, Jul 14, 3:22am
somewhere in the bowels of Panda is an option for NO notifications

click the taskbar icon and search for it.

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