Apple care

My partner is thinking of purchasing a MacBook for our daughter in australia and bringing it over. we also want apple care. Dooes anyone know if he purchases that at same time as comp will we be covered if something goes wrong? Or would we have an option to purchase that here (apple care) if we do so within a month of purchase? I'm not so good on sussing out small print when it comes to these things hehe

geek_charlies4, Jun 11, 12:08 am

I just bought a new MacBook pro.
So when you buy its covered by factory 12 month warranty (could argue more under CGA or SGA) then you can purchase apple care anytime within the 1st 12 months and it will carry on for another 24 months after the first 12 months (so 36 months in total)

geek_jon9, Jun 11, 8:11 am

I think Apple Care is worth it. Every time I've had it and called in a faulty product, they just send me a replacement. That wouldn't happen under the CGA.

Anyway - you can buy it any time in the first 12 months.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 30, 9:03 pm

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