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shagged, May 19, 8:52am
Is there a way to copy recorded content from a my Sky decoder onto an external hard drive? I have a lot of movies that I want to keep but don't have the room on the mysky box

gyrogearloose, May 19, 9:21am
Sure, play the recorded content on your TV and record it again using a camera on a tripod.

gibler, May 19, 9:39am
the My Sky box is for time shifting only - you don't own the content.

lunar2, May 21, 9:02am
Connect a DVD or HDD recorder to the sky decoder, play back the content and record it to the dvd or hdd recorder.

gasaxe, Oct 30, 1:55am
That works for most programs and some movies but there is protection on movies that might still be in the theatres so they can't be copied.

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