Pdf file to jpeg. How to do

Wish to convert the above file, any pointers how I can do it?

geek_donalstuart, Jul 3, 4:15 pm

Open it on a smartphone/tablet and screenshot.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 3, 4:40 pm

Use an online converter - something like http://pdf2jpg.net/ (just tried it myself and it worked fine)

geek_kiwikatt, Jul 3, 5:10 pm

I always use the 'snapshot' option of Adobe Reader.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 3, 5:14 pm

Absolutly great. All done. Many thanks

geek_donalstuart, Jul 3, 6:59 pm

OMG. This works and an answer to my course. woohoo. Thanks

geek_mpvrecruit, Jul 5, 8:38 pm

Those online things are horrible vs. actually fully capable free software such as PDF X-Change Viewer - http://www.softpedia.com/get/Office-tools/PDF/PDF-XChange-Viewer.shtml

Select the 'Export' option to export to an image format. Unless you has specific reasons to do it in JPEG, exporting to PNG is better, particularly for large or high DPI images.

Some horrible advice in here.

geek_dudekrulz, Jul 5, 11:39 pm

windows OS? Snipping tool comes in handy too.

geek_nzmu, Jul 6, 6:34 am

GIMP is a free program that converts PDF easily.
Import PDF (select page if multi-page PDF)
Export as PNG or JPEG or whatever

geek_gsimpson, Jul 6, 8:46 am

An image editing program isn't what they need.

geek_dudekrulz, Jul 6, 10:50 am

I wasn't suggesting they edit the PDF. It is just that GIMP can be used to convert formats easily. If that is all they use it for what does it matter. It is a free program.

geek_gsimpson, Jun 18, 9:57 am

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