IPhone 6 or 6 plus

Hi all, just want users opinions on either of these. I am due to upgrade end of June so am going to go for one of the above. Cheers and have a great queens birthday weekend

geek_bigsteve10, May 31, 5:47 pm

I looked at both and decided to pay the extra and go with the plus. Screen size for me is perfect as I hardly use it as a phone but as a GPS, email, camera,browsing and reading the extra screen size is better.

Battery life is amazing, in good signal area over two days is easy.

geek_remmers, May 31, 5:59 pm

The iPhone is a overpriced piece of fashion accessory that offers minimal features and functionality. Technology it's at least 2 years behind anything else on the market.e The 6 is bad, the 6 plus is worse.

geek_michaelqian, May 31, 6:16 pm

Oh wow, I have always leaned towards the plus, mainly because everyone I know has got the 6.

geek_bigsteve10, May 31, 6:16 pm

Obviously I asked for user opinion for both models, doesn't sound like you would be a user.

You would probably tell me to go with a Samsung but they aren't compatible with the Bluetooth in my car, and iPhone is fully functional, including pausing music when using voice navigation to tell you of an upcoming turn etc, so I will be sticking with iPhone thanks.

geek_bigsteve10, May 31, 6:26 pm

Ok I'm not a big iPhone fan myself either, but there isn't anything they can't do that the average user would want.

And tech that's behind anything else? I disagree. Examples? I have a Nexus 6, it doesn't have anything that the latest iPhone lacks.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 31, 7:36 pm

It's really a personal choice thing on the sizing. I keep my phone in my pocket so for me the 6 was an easy choice. The 6+ is way too large for that unless you have cargo pants on. In a previous life I used to wear a suit all the time and keep my phone in my inside pocket -- were I to be back there I would probably go for the 6+.

The difference with the 6+ (apart from size) is higher resolution, longer battery life, and slightly better camera. It's not a massive difference. Personally I can't abide using the internet except in emergencies on either screen, so the 6 does me fine. But I use computers or an iPad when I'm at home for most purposes.

geek_tillsbury, May 31, 7:51 pm

The 6 Plus is a really big phone - it may only have a 5.5" screen but it also has a tonne of bezel too.

If you like the size you can't really go wrong with it - it's just like the regular 6 but bigger with some bonus extra battery life.

geek_vtecintegra, May 31, 8:18 pm

I've got the 6, couldn't justify the size of the plus. They are great phones and a fantastic step up from the 5S. To decide you maybe better handing both in store and decide.

As for tech 2 years behind haha what a joke.

geek_jon9, May 31, 8:30 pm

The bezel on the 6+ makes it awkward to hold, where as the Note 4 which is a 5.7 fits well in the hands.

geek_rz_zone, May 31, 8:51 pm

Having owned the 6 for a while now and then weekly seeing the 6+ at work I'm starting to see the advantage of the bigger 6+. Talkng to owners it's proving to be the sweet spot between phone and tablet and most have bought it for this reason, one device rather than 2. The only thing is the 6+ does still feel like a jandle when making phone calls, I got told the other day while testing a 6+ that I had a slipper held up to my ear, lol! The battery is much bigger in a 6+ so you should expect much better life out of it. One thing I have to say, please whichever you get, pay a bit extra for a good case for it.

geek_zaowl, May 31, 9:01 pm

Exactly, we have people at work with both and plenty wouldn't be willing to swap with one and other. I've tried both myself but fine the 6+ too big. Pretty happy with the size of the 6.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 31, 9:06 pm

I bought the plus, initially worried for the size but it now doubles as my kindle for reading on the bus and I would not want it any smaller.

I can get almost three full days from one charge. If (for example) I charge it tonight, I will get all of tomorrow and Tuesday and then most of Wednesday off it. I would likely be at 3% at 4pm Wednesday or thereabouts.

The camera takes beautiful pics, it is way better printed quality than my husbands S5 and I was pretty enamoured of its capabilities.

geek_jamesnmatt, Jun 1, 11:31 am

yup that's why iPhones are the biggest selling phone worldwide period. did you even read the title?!
Personally I prefer the smaller size and use my iPad mini when I travel or need to have the best of both worlds

geek_brycer, Jun 1, 11:50 am

Best selling does not mean best, people who buy Apple seem to stick with them even when they drop the ball which would tend to point to the fashion, I own an Apple thing. A good Android in my opinion would run rings around Apple in what counts, doing what you want with it and it being capable of it but of course without the name which seems to be the most important bit.

geek_wayne416, Jun 1, 12:12 pm

Marketing and simplicity of use is why iphone is popular.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 1, 12:23 pm

There is only ONE android phone that would currently be better in some things than an iPhone 6 and that would be the S6. The S6 does take better photos, its very fast as well. Battery life is terrible though.

LG, Nexus, Sony, HTC don't offer anything better either, in fact in normal day to day use I'd say an iPhone 6 would run rings around nearly all androids

geek_jon9, Jun 1, 12:25 pm

If marketing was the answer then Samsung GS5 or now GS6 would outsell iPhone by 100 to 1as they spend more on advertisng than the GDP of a small country!

Consumer trust is the key and that has to be earned over a period of time, it cannot be bought.

geek_remmers, Jun 1, 12:56 pm

There's my point, you mention brands and obviously Apple is top with you and always will be. I was referring to the system, in my opinion brand name is not the be all and end all of how it performs but how its all pulled together. Android is a very good, open, versatile system.

geek_wayne416, Jun 1, 1:00 pm

well personally I went for the 6 over the 6+ because of the size and I like to keep my phone in my side pocket. biggest draw of the 6+ for me is the extra battery life

geek_kieran211, Jun 1, 1:05 pm

Excatly, people buy iPhones because they just work, you don't have to change the OS or crack/mod them. If it was all about specs and numbers then android would dominate.

In reality the S6 is a joke and selling terribly, Samsung mobile is sliding further and further behind. So having the most cores and the most Ram obviously means nothing, if when it all comes together nobody wants to use it.

geek_jon9, Jun 1, 1:06 pm

Samsung, not that i would buy one, has the problem of messing with Android to much to the point the Android developers pulled them up for doing it a year or so ago, some i read are terrible to use. But android was built to be played with by anyone and that's a big plus for me.

geek_wayne416, Jun 1, 1:23 pm

this Is where your wrong, I own a 6+ and the only thing it has going for it is battery life and the fingerprint scanner. Other then that it's very overpriced compared to an android equivalent. I'd take the LG G4, Nexus 6 or the S6 over this phone purely for the better features and superior camera (bar the N6)

Don't get me wrong the iPhone 6 is a great phone and "just works" but your dreaming if you think that it's superior to most if not all android flagships.

This is coming from someone who "actually" isn't biased towards one mobile operating system and has owned multiple iPhones and flagship android phones.

geek_2nd2none, Jun 1, 2:20 pm

Hubby has a Sony Xperia Z3, and of course it also "just works" what else would you expect from a 'flagship' phone ? Even cheap android phones, (many of which are FAR cheaper than even the most basic iphone), "Just work". Phones are sold so people can plonk a SIM in to them and simply use them. What do you mean exactly when you imply that android phones dont "just work" ?

Of course Hubbys Sony has got great specs and a good camera and it's waterproof also. And it cost less than an iphone might.

geek_nice_lady, Jun 1, 2:55 pm

Don't forget to factor in the size of whatever case you put it in too, my 6 in its Otterbox case is larger than a 6+. It is seriously tough and durable though, I am a farmer and have had it fall out of my pocket while riding my motorbike a few times and there is not a mark on it.

Battery life of the 6 is great, 2 days easily.

My dad has the 6+ and actually gets less battery life but it really depends how you use it and have it set up.

I like the way you can use the 6+ sideways like a tablet as well which the 6 can't do.

Apple definetly wins in terms of useability, especially for someone like me who has heaps of different vehicles, as plenty of car brands are not compatible with Android phones.
I have an Android tablet, but would always have an Apple phone.

geek_brapbrap8, Jun 1, 3:03 pm

You don't have to customise an android, people only do it because they can.
Samsung fill their phones with Samsung bloat crap which slows the phone down eventually. Samsungs freeze and crash alot. I've owned 3 of them, and that was 3 too many. When they're shiny and new they are good. But after some time they run slow and crash too often. I'm beginning to think they somehow make them this way on purpose so we'll all buy the next new thing when it hits the shelves.

geek_trevenco, Jun 1, 4:40 pm

I have the Z3 and HTC ONE the HTC is faultless as a basic mobile phone. almost. It only has built in memory, so I'm limited with storage. So that's a pain. I hate that in these modern times. That's one reason I swapped back to Android from Apple.
The Z3 is a really good phone for me at the moment. The camera is really good with some great features. Like 4K video. Wow. But it's made by a company that has made cameras since Jesus was just a lad, so that's no surprise.
Removable storage is a must these days. Unless the phone has built in memory of a TB or something similar. For an Android anyway. Because I download a lot of music and movies etc.
On Apple you can't download anything anyway so it doesn't matter.

The Z3 has one major flaw. It breaks. Drop it from any height above a foot on solid ground and the screen or back will break. If it doesn't break you are just plain lucky. A protective cover is a MUST HAVE for this phone.

Rant over.

Oh and the battery life is AMAZING on this phone. With the right settings I can get 2 and a half days easy. But I am usually a pretty heavy user so a day and a half is normal for me.

geek_trevenco, Jun 1, 4:56 pm

Except for the millions of apps, music, movies, tv shows, etc?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 1, 5:39 pm

I have the 6+ and am very glad I got it over the 6. Advantages include full 1080p display, and landscape mode like and iPad - has a keyboard that has extra keys, and apps like Mail look like iPad apps in landscape mode, mail has a pane with the list of messages on the left and the message contents on the right.

geek_piperguy, Jun 1, 9:01 pm

I am indeed a Samsung user, currently using a Note 4. Regarding having a phone that "just works", well any phone you buy will be guaranteed to "just work", and Android "just works" a little better than iPhones. For my everyday work and personal use the iPhone is hugely inadequate. Samsung allows me to easily add attachment to emails, arrange files and folders the way I want, allows me customise the phone to my liking. Some specific features of the Note 4 which are not found on the iPhone include the brilliant Quad HD display, fast charge, ultra power saving mode (can save your life one day), S Pen (it's not gimmicky), real multi-tasking, and a whole lot more. The iPhone 6 Plus is simply a iPhone with a big screen, and no features that actually takes advantage of the screen size.

geek_michaelqian, Jun 2, 7:28 pm

Oh come on. Seriously. I'll say it again, I'm not an iPhone fan (I only use Android phones but have had a lot of experience with iPhones too), but the amount of misinformation in this thread is ridiculous.

In regards to the last post:

- You can easily attach files to e-mails on an iPhone. The process is EXACTLY the same as on Android (click the share button, attach to e-mail, etc).
- You can arrange apps into folders on iOS just as easily as on Android (actually easier in my experience)
- Sure Android customisation is better (in terms of the launcher) but that's not for everyone.
- The 6+ actually allows apps to take advantage of the tablet style layout (multiple views, columns, etc). Android doesn't do that except on actual tablets. Samsung has built in their multi-window thing, but I find it to be gimmicky and hard to use.
- Sure the iPhone has a lower resolution, but both are over 400PPI, and at that resolution you can't discern individual pixels anyway SO IT DOESN'T MATTER!

Rant over.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 2, 7:49 pm

Anyone who claims it just works can instantly be ignored. I lose count of the people who buy either phone and cannot set them up by themselves. They want it to just work, but it basically does nothing until you've signed up an account, and configured email, etc on it.

Sure savvy people set their own phones up fine, but technophobes get someone to do it for them, and from that time on. it just works. But that is true of either make.

geek_black-heart, Jun 2, 8:11 pm

Thanks for the insight people. I am an iPhone user and was after some insight into which one to upgrade to, and it has turned into an iPhone/android comparison which isnt what I'm after. I am after genuine iphone 6 and 6 plus user experiences good and bad, and if you can't give me that then please refraine from commenting. Thanks

geek_bigsteve10, Jun 2, 8:55 pm

Every Android or iPhone thread you start anywhere on the internet will (and does) turn into a comparison. Same as if you started a Holden or Ford thread. Just how it is. Free speech and all that stuff

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 2, 9:05 pm

You just proved over and over again that you have no idea what your talking about.

geek_jon9, Jun 2, 9:10 pm

Yes true. I was after an iPhone vs iPhone comparison though.

geek_bigsteve10, Jun 2, 9:41 pm

Post #7 summed up the differences pretty well

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 2, 9:58 pm

Whatever you think I did, it's obviously that you wasted your money on a overpriced piece of fashion accessory.

geek_michaelqian, Jun 2, 11:39 pm

TBH I agree with jon9, and I don't own an iPhone.

People should be able to use whatever device they want without being ridiculed for it. If you think iPhones are so bad, why are you in this thread? The OP obviously wants one - that's their decision, let them make it in peace.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 2, 11:54 pm

Read some comparison reviews. Even better, watch some on YouTube.
They really are pretty similar in terms of features and specs. The 6 Plus would be slightly ahead, but only slightly. Hold them at the store for a while to see which one you prefer.

geek_trevenco, Sep 24, 5:26 pm

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