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mmkgirl, May 18, 1:45am
so i brought another laptop and put my windows live mail on and now all my old emails are coming through up to 4000 now all the way to a year ago i push stop in receive bit but when open windows live mail again it carries on with all old emails how do i stop this

wayne416, May 18, 2:30am
Close windows live, go online to your account and delete old emails.

mmkgirl, May 18, 3:32am
sorry i not really good on computers on my other laptop all emails are deleted so dont really know what you mean

r.g.nixon, May 18, 3:46am
Let them download. It won't take long as only minimal information such as the sender, subject, and date/time are downloaded. Once you choose to read a message, the rest of the message body is then fetched by your e-mail client. You are using the IMAP method of reading email.

mmkgirl, May 18, 3:55am
How far will it go though its already gone back to jan 2014 5000 messages later driving me insane

r.g.nixon, May 18, 4:05am
It will get all the 'headers', none of the content unless or until you open each one.

cookee_nz, May 18, 10:41am
Go to the website for your ISP, find the link for email (webmail) and delete unwanted messages from there. And set your lapthop email settings to remove messages from server when you delete them

sqidlie, May 18, 3:26pm
Are you with Xtra? not the first case of this if you are
I know someone in the last three days, have deleted emails from 2011 returning to their in box
And "yes" its stuffed the whole account up

lythande1, Nov 11, 2:28am
You chose to "keep a copy on server" or use IMAP which means the same thing.
So, they are downloading off your email providers server again.
Delete them from the server, not your own PC.

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