Slow laptop

I have just paid good money to have our laptop clean up. Its slow.
Is there any advise out there for me to speed it up my self?

geek_madoof1, Jun 29, 8:03 pm

download xubuntu
burn to dvd
save your data to usb
boot of xubuntu dvd and install. job done

geek_kwm30, Jun 29, 8:14 pm

No offence, but can you not gauge the skill level of the OP based on their post and then realise that your advise is really not helpful?

Anyway madoof1 - what brand/model is your computer? And what did you pay to get done?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 29, 8:18 pm

not the best advice one could give really

geek_king1, Jun 29, 8:21 pm

then go educate oneself. more helpful than yours i see.

geek_kwm30, Jun 29, 8:22 pm

In the first instance you should probably make contact with the techs.

If you still want to do this yourself some preliminary info/checks needed
1. model specs of machine
2. download and install hdsentinel to get an idea of the hdd status - needs to be 100% ideally - 3 download scan and clean with

geek_king1, Jun 29, 8:28 pm

we've done the Linux Vs Windows thing many times before - most of the regulars are well versed with linux.

geek_king1, Jun 29, 8:43 pm

so you take a sledge hammer to drive a pin in .

geek_froggyb, Jul 11, 9:16 am

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