IPad keyboard Lag

ctnz, Feb 14, 8:37pm
Getting terrible lag while trying to type on iPad mini also keyboard often shuts down only after one or two key strokes, any ideas, have tried a couple of suggestions from forums with no luck.

alston, Feb 14, 8:47pm
It must be those wretched updates! I have had nothing but frustration since they started. I get what you have mentioned but after the latest, I get sites opening horizontally but icon page showing as portrait. opening mail I have to wait for it to unfreeze, if the delete button doesn't show as working it will erase several messages at once. I am so over it !

davidt4, Feb 15, 3:42am
I've been getting keyboard lag on my iPad since the last update, and Firefox is crashing often. It's infuriating.

2nd2none, Aug 9, 10:14am
Same problem with my iPad, fixed with 3rd party keyboard like SwiftKey.

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