Chorus Why wont they bloody listen

Recently I bought a unit on an x lease and asked for my UFB connection to be moved two neighbors objected they are at the very rear of the property one is a landlord who rents his unit out. One guy objected because he didn't own a PC and wasn't interested. The landlord appears to have objected because his tenant wanted it and didn't discuss I have suggested to Chorus that we use a directional drill from the street under the retaining wall at the front of the property to my lounge. However I was told that everyone will still need to consent. I have written letters to everyone to try and work it through. Anyway I got a call from a chorus scoper at work saying that he was taking photos and he had spoken to the nearest neighbor and he was happy with the proposal so far and it would be submitted to Chorus for approval. Why the heck are chorus being so difficult? I asked for a simple trench and they involve the design and build unit. I ask them how long this will take and what happening and they tell me we are awaiting a response from the service company how about non service instead

I am trying to get hold of the design proposal so I can show the neighbors what is planned I work in IT and part of my work involves dealing with this type of infrastructure. How can I make Chorus listen

geek_kiwi191, Aug 10, 6:24 pm

Try slipping on a cowboy hat. Ah the joys of cross lease.

geek_gibler, Aug 10, 6:38 pm

Well, to be pedantic, you are the customer of your ISP. Your ISP is Chorus's customer. Take your proposal to your ISP. If they like it, they can talk 'turkey' to Chorus.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 10, 8:08 pm

they are idiots. All cross leases say consent cannot be witheld. Even if the neighbour says no they cant stop it. Shared driveways have covenants that allow telecommunications. Chorus are idiots.

geek_gabbysnana, Aug 10, 9:48 pm

I should say the service techs are lovely. My issue is with managment I have also written to Amy Adams to get it sorted they are supposed to be changing the law to sort all this out

geek_kiwi191, Aug 10, 10:22 pm

Can anyone confirm that once Chorus upgrades you to fiber your fiber lines are managed by another company, from that point forward, and you no longer have to worry about Chorus?

geek_harrymay, Aug 11, 6:16 am

Chorus should just go ahead with what you say then? Considering the crosslease and objections? Then they'd be in the shit.

That's why.

geek_lythande1, Aug 11, 7:55 am

The problem is that you don't own the land that your property is on. that's the nature of a cross lease. The problem is difficult neighbours, not Chorus.

geek_cafc2012, Aug 11, 11:39 am

Sounds like you're blaming Chorus for your own problem tbh

geek_mazdasix, Aug 11, 11:55 am

I have submitted on behalf of a friend to a bill that hopefully will go before parliament on a similar problem.drafted by Amy Adams it will change the law around shared driveways or access ways.
The current law stands you have to opt out to getting a UFB install .The new Law will reverse that & everyone will have opted in by default & if you object you go through a more better process than the current law.
My friend is getting 2 MBper sec on a copper line on a dual driveway but the other property is owned by a landlord overseas.
Chorus has thousands on its books with these problems that's why there needs to be a law change.
its not the fibre wholesalers,i am not with chorus on fibre i am with Ultra fast fibre since 2 and a half years ago but the law effects all,
the old law only effects copper lines,so its not the wholesalers.Its the current law around access.

geek_ragey, Feb 28, 11:01 pm

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