Edimax wifi extender help please

I'm having trouble setting up the new WiFi extender. is going thru a zenbu system. was going fine then I put a security code on it & now I can't log into either the signal or into the extender itself, just keeps coming up with page cannot be displayed? Is still sending out the WiFi signal just fine but can't use it. Any help appreciated as I am ready to chuck it in the bin

geek_deputydog001, Mar 1, 8:33 pm

>I put a security code on it

log in with that code.

geek_willfam, Mar 2, 7:33 am

Um yes I did but it still wouldn't let me access either internet connection or to be able to log into it. Doesn't matter now anyway I have managed to factory reset it

geek_deputydog001, Jun 21, 11:01 pm