Cheapest 50gb naked broadband?

There once was a website to compare broadband plans etc called Telme cant find it now. anyway who has the cheapest broadband around 50gb? Cheers
P.s im not worried about speed etc

geek_jojo76, Jul 5, 8:00 pm

Researched for you. Slingshot for cheapest overall. Others have catches such as a BYO modem or higher modem cost. I'm basing this factoring in your profile stating you're in Hanmer Springs. If you don't mind about speed, select the ADSL option.

You can upgrade to a wireless modem for $20 (+$15 shipping), but that's cheaper that other telcos and is in reality less than $3 a month.

The Slingshot plan is 80GB but it's the only option and is actually the cheapest. It's rollover data, which means if you use less than 80GB for a month, what remains of the data cap will get added to the next month's data cap.

Don't get the wiring insurance.

$65 p/month (but factoring in initial costs, ~$68 p/month)

Still the cheapest.

geek_dudekrulz, Jun 18, 10:22 pm

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