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scuba, May 14, 10:55pm
every time i log in a message displays at the top of my browser page:

Something happened at our end please refresh your browser or sign in again

This is part of the page address coming up-

just wondering if I'm being redirected by something

also comes up Outlook .com was unable to complete this request.Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report

As i have never had issues with Outlook before seems strange this is happening now

scuba, May 14, 10:56pm
sorry. thought i was posting a new thread- will try again

dallasm, Nov 24, 11:57pm
Why cant I sent emails I am getting them. but cant send them.

kew, Nov 25, 12:15am
Need more info.
Is this a new email set up?
Have you been able to send previously?
Are you away from home? (where you have been able to send)

r.g.nixon, Nov 25, 12:19am
Just phone your ISP. Sometimes it is their problem.

dallasm, Nov 24, 9:30pm
Thank you
Yes it has been going well and it is over the last week when I can't send out
However if I go into Yahoo I can send out but nit out of office outlook

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