Firewire to USB Cable wanted

soundie1, May 9, 9:41pm
I want a Firewire 6 pin to USB cable anyone have one that they are happy to part with or know where I can get one please.Many Thanks

spyware, May 9, 10:28pm
You need to provide more detail as any such device most likely wouldn't work. More to connecting things than the physical layer 1 interface. USB and Firewire are completely different protocols at the next level. For instance you can't connect a firewire interface DV camera to a computer via such an adapter.

cjdnzl, May 10, 11:41am
Yes, Firewire and usb are two completely different systems that do more or less the same job. Windows PCs came out with usb, and then Apple, true to their contrary ways introduced firewire, it does the same as usb but is not compatible with usb. The claim was that FW is faster than usb, but that wasn't necessarily the case, but now usb3 is commonly used firewire isn't in the hunt.

vtecintegra, Dec 6, 3:12am
While that may allow you to physically connect the devices it won't actually work for anything useful

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