Sending email from a different addy in Thunderbird


I am trying to send emails using the address of a group I'm part of, so set up an identity for it.
Despite changing the 'From' address to the group's one, my personal email is still showing as who the email is from.

Does anyone know how to change who the email is from?

I thought maybe set up a new account but a warning came up to contact the system admin and I got scared I'd lose my emails - I know nothing about computers.

geek_zzebra138, Feb 16, 6:55 pm

It's clear you know nothing.

geek_spyware, Feb 16, 7:52 pm

First you need the username and password for the account you are trying to send from.
Then you need to set up the email account in your email program. How you do this depends.

geek_king1, Feb 16, 9:04 pm

So the account I'm using is my personal account. Setting up another account won't cause me to lose it?

geek_zzebra138, Feb 17, 8:45 am

Thanks for your help.

geek_zzebra138, Feb 17, 8:47 am

Not normally, thunderbird is capable of having multiple accounts.

geek_king1, Feb 17, 8:59 am

Great, thanks for your help king1.

Have an awesome day!

geek_zzebra138, Aug 5, 11:21 am

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