Winmail.dat files

paddypf, Apr 19, 6:34am
Any attachments a friend of mine sends me appear as a winmail.dat file and when I download them and try to open windows tells me it cannot open these files. I downloaded a program that said it could open them but it put a thing called start my search or something along those lines which was a hell of a thing to get rid of. I can forward these emails to my gmail account and they appear ok when I open chrome. Is there a safe program I can download to open them.

wayne416, Apr 19, 6:38am

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 6:38am
Well you haven't specified your operating system or e-mail client so I'm just guessing. but a quick Google turned up this, which may be of some help:

paddypf, Apr 19, 6:55am
I am using xtra yahoo mail and windows 7 home premium

king1, Feb 4, 9:57pm
try uploading here

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