Best tablet for $200-$300

My mum wants a tablet. She will use it mostly for Skype, Facebook, email, light browsing. Reliability is a must.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 3:36 pm

Ipad absolutely love it. Very easy to use.

geek_pricilla, Jun 14, 3:56 pm

More dollars probably.
But if you keep an eye out for specials you might get something OK for that price, but stick with reputable brands.

I think my Nexus 10 was 340ish but that was a year or so ago

geek_king1, Jun 14, 4:01 pm

Yea I have the IPad Air. But for her was thinking maybe a refurbished iPad of some kind. The only suggestions coming from her are Samsung. Like the Lite 3. but that has no front camera. And the Tab 3 but I hear that has bad reviews.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 4:05 pm

Yea Nexus sound good.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 4:06 pm

Not too bad for the price:

Slow CPU, but at that price range that's to be expected

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 14, 6:01 pm

Yea I was wondering about HP. Are their tablets any good? I might check out some reliable reviews.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 6:27 pm

LG G Pad is really good for the price

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 6:40 pm

Yea I like the look of that. Good reviews too. That would be one of the top three to consider I think.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 7:41 pm

We have a HP 7 plus tablet - it was half price at the Warehouse for $98 a few months back. Its been excellent, not as nice as an ipad but it does what we want it to do (its for the kids).

geek_ryanm2, Jun 14, 8:07 pm

geek_ryanm2, Jun 14, 8:09 pm

I personally think the 7 inch HP tablet is too small. The 8 inch is more usable for only 50$ or so more. But then you may as well go with the LG G Pad which is a better tablet

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 8:19 pm

Well, I figured out one something. not only is iPad the best seller, it is the stick by which all other tablets are measured by reviewers, and the gen pop.

geek_trevenco, Jun 14, 10:33 pm

Yep it is. But you're paying for it. If you're on a budget, Android has some very nice options. It's the better operating system too, IMO.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 14, 10:48 pm

Look at this one
I bought 2. 1 accidentally. Works great!
4 g phone, too
Can sell the other one - still in box and unused apart from updating factory updates.

geek_fishb8, Jun 15, 9:05 am

I wouldn't recommence those unknown brand devices when you can buy something like the G Pad for a similar price

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 15, 9:21 am

1-day had some good options today on returns, lenovo etc?

geek_dinx, Jun 15, 11:46 pm

You could try the refurbished Apple store, they have an iPad mini for $319 but may be considered too small. They have the bigger Air but costs more of course.

geek_mcdaff, Jun 17, 12:20 am

we are very happy with our samsung 8"

geek_sheryl13, Jun 17, 5:39 am

Yes after a lot of research I got Miss 11 one, she loves it.

geek_ctnz, Jun 17, 3:21 pm

The G Pad sounds good.

geek_trevenco, Jun 19, 7:33 pm

Thomson tablets are rubbish.
Bad screen resolution, choppy, refuses to do certain things, slow, no real slow.

Even after something's loaded, takes ages, then takes ages after its loaded and then tends to do things you never made it do.
Battery's better than a amicroe, though results probably happen quicker, so you get the same result, only quicker. (Or less slower. )

geek_marte, Jun 19, 8:45 pm

Yes they are rubbish - but no one should expect a good device for under $100.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 19, 9:33 pm

ipad, plus apple support them for years. Samsung drop support for their mobile after few years. If android get a nexus as it is a google branded tablet. Avoid windows tablets unless they are a surface tablet.

geek_juliew3, Jun 20, 9:41 pm

Apple drop compatibility after 3-4 years too.

With Android it's not the manufacturers fault - Android has minimum hardware requirements. And with the rate hardware progresses these days, Android phones are often left behind after only a couple of years.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 20, 9:44 pm

Apple are saying their IOS9 will run on iPad 2 (released early 2011) onwards and iPhone 4s (released late 2011) onwards, that was IOS4.2 so not a bad run.

geek_remmers, Jun 20, 11:03 pm

Yup it'll run - but do a bit of Googling to see how terribly it will run.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 21, 1:15 am

Well it is only released for devs at the moment so no one knows how it will work on older devices but at least Apple acknowledge there were problems with new software on old hardware and from what was said at WWDC they working through the problem.

geek_remmers, Jun 21, 6:33 am

Either way my point was that older devices will always be phased out after a while. Apple keep it going a couple of years longer than Android do, that's cool. But eventually it'll happen.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 21, 12:11 pm

fishb8, post the other one and ill buy it ok

geek_mousely2, Jun 23, 1:52 pm

Will do - the one I use is so good. Was thinking of replying to rebut suicidemonkey - it's way better than he thinks.
I'll put it up tomorrow.

geek_fishb8, Jun 23, 5:24 pm

Good luck getting laptop with same speed for $200.

geek_trevenco, Jul 28, 3:04 pm

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