DTS audio chip needs replacing or reballing.?

Can someone recommend a proven electronics technician to do this kind of work in Auckland please. The machine is a Onkyo TX-NR809 < huge thing.

geek_olack, May 23, 1:09 pm

How do you know for sure that it's the chip that's faulty?

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 1:23 pm

Looking on YouTube found heating the chipsets on the HDMI board and the audio works. I heated only the DTS chip.

geek_olack, May 23, 1:40 pm

Avalon may replace the HDMI board for $90 if it's under extended warranty with Onkyo.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 1:50 pm

Thank you Pyro, I just sent them an email. I don't want to oven heat this board. Besides this, I do not have a fan forced oven.

geek_olack, May 23, 2:20 pm

This machine is not under warranty. Maybe they can help anyway, they have my email now. Is there others in Auckland who do this kind of work?

geek_olack, May 23, 2:28 pm

There is an extended warranty on some models of Onkyo for hdmi board faults.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 8:47 pm

ok pyro, thanks, I will check with the owner.

geek_olack, May 24, 12:10 am

i would check with Avalon audio in newmarket first, they will know someone. other wise i can find out who fixed a mates TX-NR609 they all seem to have HDMI board problems

geek_shall, Oct 22, 10:10 am

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