Broken sound & slow!

donna23, Apr 28, 8:02pm
Just spent nearly $300 on computer-removed unwanted applications,installed ESET anti virus,cleaned windows registry files,disk cleanup,defrag,virus removal. Now have to go thru google chrome for anything,sometimes super slow other times ok and sound is "fractured & jerky".Can get emails (Mozilla) but cannot open some of them (e.g Spark a/c comes thru but cannot open it to view actual a/c) I am a technophobe-is it another visit to computer "expert" or is it just a button I need to push somewhere? Thanks for any input.

king1, Apr 28, 8:15pm
when i see that it is usually because the hard disk has dropped down to a very slow transfer speed - take it back.

r.g.nixon, Jan 3, 4:19pm
Install the trial version of HDSentinel. If it shows a HDD health at below 100% then you know it is starting to fail. Accounts are normally sent as PDF files. Install the free Sumatra PDF Reader and you're good to go.

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