Deleted malwarebytes program now TM

alston, Feb 27, 9:50pm
shows with hideous popups! Its very annoying, how can I get rid of the whole thing. I get the impression the TM site is also a copy? I got rid of the malwarebytes program because of the buy,buy,buy ads! These popups I think are in revenge!
Downloaded Microsoft Security essentials instead, but it is not stopping the popup ads.

wayne416, Feb 27, 9:56pm

alston, Feb 27, 10:20pm
Downloaded Avast which now tells me a threat has been detected, nothing has improved. So will try other stuff. Thanks for the link.

mark.52, Feb 27, 10:38pm
The link it two should provide the solution.

I've never had a popup from the free version of MBAM asking me to upgrade. (Avast sometimes makes polite offers.)

If you've been installing and uninstalling security programs, make sure you only have one active antivirus running [edit- installed rather than running] at a time.

What was the threat Avast detected? (File name/location, or url,) and which shield detected it?

alston, Feb 27, 11:10pm
one appears to be. performtoserve. Won't put the whole link in.
Google won't open the software removal tool either so presumably its being blocked. I have assumed it is a virus affecting Chrome so looking in that direction at the moment. Such a waste of time, :(

mark.52, Feb 27, 11:22pm
Are you using a google operating system?

What do you mean "google won't open the tool"? Do you mean Chrome won't download it ?

Try a different browser.

mark.52, Feb 27, 11:22pm
Another thing to try, if you're using Avast, is the browser cleanup tool.

alston, Feb 28, 12:26am
Thankyou will try that.

alston, Feb 28, 12:28am
Yes ,sorry thats what I meant!

tryko, Feb 28, 12:46am
check and see if the date of your computer in the task bar is correct .

alston, Feb 28, 1:02am
Yes, correct. Thanks

tryko, Feb 28, 1:10am
I installed Mozilla Firefox and use that for my browser

And then adblockplus . That sorted those adds out

alston, Feb 28, 1:55am
Thanks folks for your suggestions. I have finally managed to get rid of the virus.

mark.52, Feb 28, 6:19am

alston, Feb 28, 7:02am
going into the 3stripes top right hand corner, down to more tools, extensions and deleting the offending site , which conveniently had its own bin:)
I arrived at that using my ipad for instructions as couldn't use the PC because of all the pop ups.
You folks gave me the courage to look at other ways for which I am very thankful. Didn't want involve my family, I know what their reaction would be.
Old people, duh :)

black-heart, Feb 28, 7:29am
theres nothing wrong with malwarebytes antimalware, you either got duped into downloading some kind of imposter program, or removed something that had nothing to do with the virus.

alston, Feb 28, 7:39am
I think it does the job, but got tired of the ads that kept coming up if you don't buy the premium one. so have gone to avast to see how it goes.

mark.52, Feb 28, 9:29am
MBAM free (or paid) does not produce ads.
You either have a program bundled with nasties, or you're blaming MBAM for ads that something else is throwing up.

The "3 stripes" is a shortcut to the browser settings menu, where you were able to find the offending toolbar and bin it.

Do use the browser cleanup function in Avast. Just open the interface, and click on "tools", and browser cleanup is at the top of the list.

black-heart, Jun 27, 9:56pm
It doesn't do pop up ads, so your barking up the wrong tree.

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