Trend Micro - should i renew or.

is there protection just as good for free?

geek_sheryl13, Jun 16, 9:28 am

yes but the the free ones tend to be a bit naggy to upgrade.

Avast is one, Panda is another

geek_king1, Jun 16, 9:32 am

Ditto what king1 said.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 16, 10:13 am

yes, its a lot of money each year, and i can never work out how to put it on the other computers we have

geek_sheryl13, Jun 16, 12:17 pm

You can switch off the nag in Panda Free

geek_trad, Jun 16, 1:05 pm

My Trend Micro subscription ends in 12 mths, I will not be renewing it. Far to much Adware has got past it, plus the other day Adwarebytes removed a Trojan from both my computers.

Anyone had anything to do with Emsisoft Anti-Malware ?

geek_cleggyboy, Jun 16, 1:55 pm

geek_chnman, Jun 16, 5:14 pm

Trend Micro is very reasonably priced through several Trade Me Sellers. Never had a problem with stuff getting through but I am a very light Internet user.

geek_stampy5, Jun 16, 5:47 pm

Never seen how to do that. Every boot I seem to get the nag telling me to upgrade to pro. Where do I turn that off .

geek_tel4, Aug 11, 9:24 pm

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